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Teens accused of group beating
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MONROE – Police continue to investigate after reports that several teenagers were viciously beating a 14-year-old boy in the 2200 block of 10th St. on Sunday night. Two have been caught.

“I would call it more than a fight,” said Monroe Police Chief Fred Kelly, adding that there were reports of the kids stomping on their victim. “It was a beating.”

Police were called to the location just before 10:45 p.m., but by the time they arrived, neighbors had disrupted the incident and the suspects were gone, according to a police statement.

Still, they were able to track down two suspects thus far – juveniles ages 15 and 16. As a result, the 16-year-old Monroe suspect was tentatively charged with substantial battery, underage drinking, possession of drug paraphernalia, underage possession of tobacco, and “expelling bodily fluids at law enforcement officers,” a statement said.

He was jailed, officials said, while another 15-year-old suspect from Brodhead was charged with underage drinking and released to a parent.

Police, meanwhile, continue to pursue others in connection to the case, Kelly added in the statement, saying the incident remains under investigation. There is no indication that the incident reflected gang activity in the city, he said.

“We haven’t brought in all the people involved yet,” he said. “They were a group…but we don’t see that many signs of a (gang) presence around here. Not like in the bigger cities.”

The 14-year-old victim does not appear to have serious injuries but Green County EMS did respond to the scene to check him out, the statement said.