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Student Notebook: Poetry inspired by animals
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The following students are from Penny Ramos' fourth-grade class at Juda School.

Black Cat

There was a black cat

Jumping off the chair to get food

The cat was hungry

- Prestyn Flynn, 10


Turtle sees a cat come.

Turtle slips into his shell.

Quiet as a rock.

- Anna Skoumal, 10


It hunts late at night.

It howls at the bright full moon.

They like to eat bones.

- April Bender, 10


Little fawn in a nest.

Goes by mother if it can.

All brown with white spots.

- Breanna Brooks, 9

The Big Buck

One big buck runs by

Will find another one to fight,

It is a cool sight.

- Aaron Makos, 10


A rabbit jumps high.

It has soft, fluffy grey fur.

It eats ripe, green grass.

- Kiarra Moe, 9


Riding my girl horse

Across the shimmering sea,

How pretty she is.

- Susan Farias, 9


I soar through the sky

I'm the feathered mountain god

And the king of the birds

- Gunnar Riebe, 10

The Raccoon

He knocks down the cans

The trash falls out in my yard

He searches about

- Colin Anderson, 10


Wobble down the ice

Penguins leap in the ocean

Then feed the babies

- Lucas Powers, 9

The Quarter Horse

The strong horse is cool.

They can run a quarter mile race.

You might think they're cool.

- Jerzie Lerch, 9


Full of attraction

Likes a lot of black and white

As full of bamboo

- Katie Nusbaum, 10


Cute and playful things

The quickest bolt I've ever seen

Black, brown, orange, or tan.

- Mason Kammerer, 10

The Frog

There was a green frog

It jumped and hopped in the lake

Then it ate a bug

- Libby Jordan, 9


Quiet as the fog.

Fast as the summers wild wind

Deer jump over the fence

- Ward Steinmann III, 10