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Student Notebook: Envious Eyes of Green
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By Kelsie Pulvermacher

Freshman, Monroe High School

Once upon a time, there was a family who had everything they needed, everything they wanted, and everything that came to them in their wildest dreams; with their greediness and temptation, consequences were going to arrive.

In the morning, as the green-tinted windows let in rays of the newly come sunshine, Ms. Kettlecorn woke from her slumber to find a piping hot cup of tea with crumpets on the side. It was very quiet in the Kettlecorn household - almost too quiet. As she tip-toed across the marble floors, you could hear the shuffling of her slippers echoing throughout the vaulted ceilings. Right when her bottom hit the couch, a sudden sound lifted her up with surprise. It was a scratching sound. Or, maybe it could be - pawing! Yes, the sound was from a small black cat pawing at the tall wooden doors. As Ms. Kettlecorn opened the door, there it was. A small, black cat with beautiful eyes of green was staring right at her with starving eyes. And because Ms. Kettlecorn was too full of egotistical whim, she shut the door right on that black cat with starving eyes of green. So as the cat trotted away, Ms. Kettlecorn felt a little bit sick; little did she know that when she wasn't able to realize her faults, consequences would come knocking at her door.

With a graceful tumble, Cornelius Kettlecorn ran down the stairs covered with the most expensive rugs and tassels. As it all came off, Ms. Kettlecorn sprinted over to see what the noise was all about. When she saw Cornelius covered with the rugs and tassels that were complimenting the stairs, she scolded him and did so for a while. And yes, when she would make no deal of her egotistical whim, trouble would come knocking at her door.

So again, when the Kettlecorn family sat down for a meal, a ringing came to Ms. Kettlecorn's ears. It was that small cat with starving eyes of green. When she answered the door, there was the cat, and it was staring at her with more of an urgent demeanor. With its body skin and bones, Ms. Kettlecorn took one look at that cat, and then closed the colossal, historic doors. And even though she didn't realize, there were many factors that would lead to her demise: ignorance, stupidity, and unawareness of the eyes.

The event that had just taken place had shaken Ms. Kettlecorn. Though it seemed strange in that little brain of hers, the underlying message waiting to be received would not come as that little cat with the starving eyes might have hoped. She took off towards the stairs and decided that she was in need of a good night's sleep. She dreamed of dreams with bittersweet tastes, sights, and sounds. And once she was so peacefully enveloped in a dreadful, heavy slumber, a face came to her. It was that little black cat that had come knocking on her door. It spoke to her with noises, but to her surprise, she could understand. The cat was staring into Ms. Kettlecorn's dreams and witnessing her greed. And when it could see no more, it was time for her to awaken.

Ms. Kettlecorn soon forgot what had happened during the night; she carried on as if nothing had ever taken place. With her hands decorated with long, plastic, knife like nails, she reached for a martini glass off of the highest shelf. She had a good grip, but it slipped and fell to the ground. In that moment, time seemed to stop as the glass shattered into a million pieces. Right after that event, she heard a tapping. At this point, Ms. Kettlecorn knew what she was in for. She opened the doors with trembling hands, only to see that little black cat with its envious eyes of green. It meowed a little bit, and then to Ms. Kettlecorn's ears, it spoke. "Beware the riches of which you seek. If you don't stop, you shall become very weak". Her eyes widened with fear, and she even had to shed a tear. She reached down to touch the cat's head, and in a few moments, she had fetched some extra food from her cupboard. She finally realized that she cannot have all of the things she wanted; she could not have all of the things that she could only imagine in her wildest dreams.

To this day, Ms. Kettlecorn has lived with the lesson that the little black cat had brought to her. With no awareness of your egotistical whim, the bright, flourishing lamp in your life will soon become very dim.