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Square is open for business
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MONROE - Monroe's Downtown Square officially opened Wednesday.

The final stripe painting for parking spaces has been completed, as have the marks for no-parking zones and handicapped parking areas.

Visitors to the Square will not see much more activity on the project until next spring, according to Tom Purdy, community development specialist with Fehr-Graham & Associates of Monroe.

Trash cans will be in place over the next two weeks, but park benches and drinking fountains will not be installed until spring.

Drinking fountains would have been turned off for the winter anyway, Purdy said.

Pipes for the fountains were left longer than needed, but those will be cut shorter, he said.

Decorative flower pots planted and placed around the Square also will be installed in the spring, which is a project of the Monroe Main Street Design Committee.

The next step for Fehr-Graham, the firm overseeing the project, is filling out a "punch list" which requires engineer Ryan Wilson and field engineer Matt Campbell to inspect the project area for defects, such as cracks in the concrete, and for safety issues.

Anything that does not need to be immediately corrected will be done in the spring, Purdy said.

Placement of signs for parking, parking rules, snow routes, handicapped spaces and directions still are being discussed at the city level.

Purdy said the city and Main Street are trying to combine signage for a "cleaner, nicer look."

Signs will be made of a durable, long-lasting polycarbonate, made from recycled plastic, and will be decorative to compliment the style of the street lights, which recently were installed.