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Sign of the season to come
Times photo: Brenda Steurer Director Tammy Derrickson serves coffee to Don and Margaret Gadow, Brodhead, Monday, during the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Behring Senior Center, Monroe.
MONROE - Thanksgiving dinner at the Behring Senior Center is a sign that the holidays are approaching.

Assistant Director Jocelyn Kline remembered the early dinners at the senior center.

"We didn't have many people who came to the potluck," she said. "It's really changed."

About 100 people attended the senior center's annual Thanksgiving dinner Monday, Director Tammy Derrickson said. The center has held the dinner for more than 20 years, she added.

It's a chance for the senior center to thank all of the people who visit the center throughout the year, Derrickson said.

For some of the people at the meal, this was the only time they would be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with other people, Kline said.

"Some people might not have a Thanksgiving meal if they didn't come here," she said.

The meal, which included ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and dessert, was catered by Peppercorn Catering.

This was the first time the senior center had the meal catered. Derrickson said it was a lot easier than preparing the meal and having everyone go through a buffet line. Seniors were able to sit down at the tables and enjoy being served.

Seniors talked and laughed while they ate.

"The food is really good," said Jean Ann Phillips, Monroe. This was the third Behring dinner she attended. "You really get a good meal."

"I'll agree with that," said Winona Schroeder, Monroe, with a laugh.

They sat at the table with Elaine Schmidt and Dale Knauer, also from Monroe.

"I'll be at four dinners over the next 10 days," Knauer said, jokingly. "We had one at church yesterday and then today. I love to eat."