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Sheriff: Scammers out to scare up bogus payments
Green County Sheriff and Jail

MONROE — It seems counterintuitive, the scammers who use law enforcement related organizations to solicit bogus contributions. But nonetheless, they persist, experts say.

Green and Lafayette Counties are not immune to scammers, whose schemes know no boundaries yet still try to represent something local and trusted. The latest one to circulate in the area is a reprise of what authorities call the parent/grandparent scam. 

In this scenario, scammers call local numbers purporting to be an attorney, according to a statement from the Green County Sheriff’s Office.

“They tell a story about the child being involved in a crash or arrested in some way, and request you bring or send money to a location,” said the statement, urging residents to be wary of such calls. “Do not give or send money, whether they request cash, gift cards, electronic check or any other way.”

Those who feel they may have already been victimized by such a scam are urged to contact the sheriff’s office or local law enforcement in your area, officials said.

The department was posting the warning that scammers have been reported on social media earlier this week but they also are urging family members to make sure grandparents and others who may not use social media, to be aware.