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Sex offender charged with failing to report change of address after being deported
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MONROE - A Mexican sex offender was charged Wednesday with failing to update the sex offender registry of a change of address after his deportation in 2015.

Antonio Gonzalez-Robles, 30, formerly of Brodhead, faces a potential sentence of six years in prison on a Class H felony charge of sex registry violation should he ever return to the United States.

According to court records, Gonzalez-Robles was convicted in 2013 of third-degree sexual assault stemming from a four-year period during which he repeatedly raped a young girl while living in Brodhead.

Gonzalez-Robles was sentenced to three years in prison and was deported at the time of his release on Sept. 24, 2015. However, he failed to notify the Department of Corrections of his address change.

Green County District Attorney Craig Nolen said that, although the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement handled the matter of Gonzales-Robles' deportation, the onus remained on the sex offender to update the registry.

Nolen said Gonzalez-Robles will not be extradited from Mexico, but if he ever re-enters the continental United States, an outstanding warrant for his arrest will lead to his extradition to Green County.