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Schutte slams her way to history
Times photo: Tere Dunlap Tory Schutte, No. 16, foreground, battles to retain his title at the Green County Fair Demolition Derby Sunday afternoon. He tied with Kurt Olson in the second heat, but he and Olson eventually lost to Vicki Schutte in the final feature.

Demolition Derby Results

Afternoon Derby

First Heat:

Paul Heins, Vicki Schutte & Pat Schutte - tied

Darren Blum - 4th

Brandon Clark - 5th

Second Heat:

Tory Schutte & Kurt Olson tied

Robert Vogel - 3rd

Justin Schwartz - 4th

Thomas Mowery - 5th


Vicki Schutte - winner

Robert Vogel, runner up


Ashley Lincicum - winner

Crae Riese - runner up

Caleb Riese - third

Evening Derby

First Heat:

Ryan Schutte & John Faller - tied

Gus John - 3rd

Rick Andrews - 4th

Jim Jaeggi - 5th

Second Heat:

Mike Mowery & David Memhan - tied

Tory Schutte - 3rd

Mike Scott - 4th

Jeremy Lower - 5th


Mike Mowery - winner

Ryan Schutte - runner up


John Zimmerman - winner

Justin Campbell - 2nd

Gregory Jello - 3rd


Richard Hanenberg - winner

Only three cars were entered - all from Demo Dogs of Argyle

MONROE - Vicki Schutte made history Sunday, and all it took was a Crown Victoria and a desire to do better than the guys.

According to her father, Russ Schutte, Vicki is the first female in the history of the Green County Fair to win a feature.

Neither the county fair office nor the Calvacade of Thrills, which ran the derby, could confirm or deny the claim.

Sitting pretty in a purple and pink Crown Victoria (No. 4K), Vicki Schutte took the grand prize in the afternoon demolition derby. Robert Vogel took runner up.

Vicki runs for the Schutte Racing Team on Smock Valley Road.

Vicki tied for first place in the first heat along with Paul Heins and uncle Pat Schutte, which qualified her for the feature.

"I don't hold back on her, 'cause her uncles don't," Paul Heins, Brodhead, said. "I've run against her since she could run."

Vicki has taken second to family members before, but this was her first win, she said.

"Unbelievable. Nobody shut her down," uncle Tory Schutte said.

"She can brag all she wants to; she did a great job," one referee told the family.

"It was so fun watching you beat them into the corner," Pat Schutte told Vicki. Pat, who came in from Kentucky for the derby, received a bloody scratch from a wire that went through his face mask.

Vicki said her car had been stalling in the first heat, so they turned up the idle on it.

The purple and pink Crown Vic was painted by Vicki's 7-year-old-son Seth, who told her those were girl colors.

The car has been in two raffles, for the winner to use in a demolition derby, but had never won a derby.

"Vicki showed 'em what it could do," Russ said.

"You're my hero," he told her.

In the second heat of the afternoon, Tory and Kurt Olson tied for first. Robert Vogel, Justin Schwartz and Thomas Mowery rounded out the feature drivers.

Schwartz, also driving a Crown Victoria, said he watches video of past demolition derbys to study the other drivers' tactics and his own mistakes.

"You have to remember who did what to you. It's a grudge match," he said.

The Schutte and Schwartz families have a lengthy grudge match; Russ and Mike Schwartz competed in the 1970s, demolishing 1963 and 1964 Fords.

"The favorites were Mercuries," Mike Schwartz said. But now, he isn't driving; he's helping his son and son-in-law Matt Sauer.

Vicki did not have a easy run in the first heat. Finding herself blocked for a time behind two dead cars, she rammed her way clear to continue.

And one wicked ram into Heins' side left her Crown Vic hung up. Pulling away,Vicki just dragged him along.

In the Feature, Vicki did what Tory and Pat failed to do, and put Olson out with her last hit.