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Scam targets grandparents
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MADISON - With thousands college students heading to far away places for spring break, con artists will ramp up the "grandparent scam."

Con artists will call elderly people with the pretense that a grandchild has been arrested, hospitalized or has endured some other hardship that requires money. The caller asks the victim to send a wire transfer of money to help the grandchild get through the hardship.

Each year thousands of grandparents are scammed out of millions of dollars by the scheme. Those who receive a call can protect themselves from becoming a victim of the scam by authenticating the caller's claims. Those who receive a call should not send any money until the grandchild's parents are checked with, or call the grandchild directly to verify everything is fine.

Those who receive a call should report the scam to the local police and sheriff departments, as well as the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Production at