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Saying happy holidays
Photo supplied Zach Fischer, Argyle, is stationed in Iraq, but still sends Christmas greetings by telephone, e-mail, and Internet social networks.
MONROE - Zach Fischer, Argyle, was seeking a better way to wish his family and friends a merry Christmas this year.

Fischer is a soldier with Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 121 Field Artillery, in Iraq.

He called the Times Monday to help deliver his holiday message.

"I just want to wish my parents Steve and Gwenn Fischer and my sister Jodi Fischer a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and to all my other family and friends as well. I love you and miss you all. Thanks for your continuous support, and I'll see you all soon," he said.

Fischer later sent a photograph of himself to the Times in an e-mail.

Fischer, who turned 21 in October, was shipped out in May.

Another Argyle resident, Michael Cuevas, also is in Iraq, Fischer said. Although they don't see each other, they stay in touch on Facebook. They were one year apart at Argyle High School. Fischer graduated in 2007 and Cuervas in 2008.