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Retaining walls finished
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MONROE - During the week of Aug. 1, Voegeli Landscaping completed the construction of the retaining walls along 8th Street from the Badger Trail Bridge to 10th Avenue. Rock Road Companies worked on final shaping of the slopes on the back side of the retaining walls and along the Badger Trail. Once the curb and gutter reached a minimum of five-day cure time, Rock Road ramped up all driveways to reinstate access for businesses and homeowners. They backfilled behind the curbs, and started grading for and installing stone base for the sidewalk from 20th Avenue to 12th Avenue. The electrical contractor, Westphal and Company Inc., started installing bases for the street lighting and electrical pull boxes for the traffic signal wiring from 12th Avenue to 16th Avenue.

Next week, Rock Road Companies will continue backfilling behind the curb and gutter and preparing for sidewalk construction. The curb and gutter contractor, Parisi Construction Co., is scheduled to complete the curb installation on 8th Street from Wisconsin 69 to 10th Avenue. Voegeli Landscaping will continue with dirt work behind the walls along 8th Street in preparation for the installation of fencing behind the retaining walls, which is scheduled to start next week. The electrical contractor, Westphal and Company Inc., will continue installing bases for the street lighting and traffic signals from 8th Avenue to 16th Avenue.

All businesses are open during construction and ready for your patronage. All intersections will remain open the majority of the time, with the barricades being offset to allow for cross traffic. Please feel free to call the engineering department at (608) 329-2532 if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.