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Results from Green County School Board Races
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The following are election results from school board races in Green County: Albany • School board (three seats): D. Fred Johnson, 297; Michael Marean, 289; Edward J. Maksym Jr., 283; write-ins, 19 Argyle (Green County results only) • School board (one seat): Caroline Rossing, 57 Black Hawk (Green County results only) • School board (two seats): Steven Monson, 73 votes; write-ins, 13 Brodhead • School board (two seats): Allen Schneider, 818 votes; Paul Donovan, 728; write-ins, 85 Juda • School board (two seats): Randy L. Riese, 110 votes; Joanne Salzwedel, 127; Michael A. McKay, 60; and write-ins, 2 Monticello • School board (two seats): Joyce M. Hummel, 346 votes; William Judson Lounsbury, 194; Randall R. Smith, 229; and write-ins, 6 New Glarus • School board (two seats): Michelle Ames, 360 votes; Bob Nelson, 395; Mary Ann Oemichen, 440; and write-ins, 21