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Rep. Davis: No bail for child sex offenders
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MONROE - Rep. Brett Davis, R-Oregon, is researching legislation that would eliminate the possibility of bail for people convicted of first- or second-degree sexual assault of a child.

Davis announced the possibility of the legislation Tuesday.

Though his district is hours from the Milwaukee area, the motivation for considering such legislation came from the case of former West Allis swim coach Daniel Acker, who was convicted of two counts of second-degree sexual assault in September, Davis said, in a telephone interview Tuesday.

"It really hits home with me particularly with a newborn," Davis said.

Acker was allowed to post bail, and did, without travel restrictions. Recent statements by Acker's mother indicate he had traveled to Disney World in Florida after posting bail, Davis said.

"This very case could very well happen in Monroe, Monticello, or New Glarus," he said. "It just seems incredible to me that something like this could happen."

If the legislation became law, judges would lose the ability to use bail in court concerning sex offenders.

"They don't want to be handcuffed to making decisions," Davis said.

The loss of judicial control could put up a roadblock to the bill, as well as concerns of the state's district attorneys, Davis said, but he intends to speak with judges and district attorneys across the state as part of his research on the bill, he said.

"That's a public debate we will have," Davis said.

The legislature won't be meeting again in regular session until Jan. 19, so the bill might not be introduced in the Assembly until next year, Davis said.