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Renovations at YMCA will be a turnaround
Times photo: Brenda Steurer Fred Urbain, left, and Ryne Laity of Tricon Construction Group work on framing the new entrance Thursday at the Green County Family YMCA in Monroe.
MONROE - The Green County YMCA is doing a complete turn-around.The Green County Family YMCA will be active this summer with several interior upgrades.

"You could best describe our summer project as preservation, change, upgrades and renovation," said Bill Morgan, YMCA Board President, in a press release.

A new entrance will be off the parking lot at the southeast corner of the building.

The new lobby will be larger and more welcoming, with "a high ceiling, lots of glass and more windows," said Executive Director Reid Stangel.

Membership and accounting offices, as well as the director's office with a larger meeting space behind a longer counter on the right side will greet visitors and members as they enter. Card security turnstiles on the east side of the lobby allow members unobstructed access to activity areas.

The lobby also offers a view of the gymnasium through a set of six windows recycled from the existing pool. Stangel called the lobby "more of a gathering place, close to the action."

At a cost of $25,000, the 1,764-square-foot gymnastics spring floor will be upgraded to be more flexible. The carpet and its foam pad, which is breaking down, will be replaced.

"The girls are hurting themselves" on the present floor, Stangel said.

And because the room is also used for adult exercise classes, curtains will be installed to provide some privacy from the lobby view. Wrestling will continue in the room on mats laid out on the gymnastics floor.

The existing administration offices walls will be removed and the area transformed with the existing lobby area into a new kids lounge and preschool room. The baby-sitting room will remain where it is, just off the new kids lounge. The kids lounge will be three times larger than the current game room, which it replaces. The kids lounge will be supervised later in the evenings and will be a place for kids to hang out when the gym and pool are programmed.

To create an entry to the kids lounge and preschool, the double outer doors will be removed and replaced with two single doors. The preschool playground will be located on the south side of the building.

Stangel said the renovations need to be finished in time to open the pre-school on Sept. 2.

The 22-year-old pool will get a sprucing up as well. Ceiling supports will be repainted, because rust has appeared in the last few years. Some extensive tile repair has been completed, but two expansion joints still need to be repaired. In August, the pool will be drained to wash and repaint the basin.

Stangel said the 131,560 gallons of pool water will be recycled to water the athletic field.

The beautiful sea mural will remain, but will be touched up, and a new pool office will be located off the southwest corner of the pool.

The $320,000 project is 70 percent funded by the Dr. Scholl Foundation. Donations from membership and the community will cover remaining costs.

If any money is available after the priority projects, the YMCA gym needs a new coat of paint and windows installed in the upper south wall to let in natural sunlight.