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Public nitrogen workshop planned for March 14 at Albany Lions Club
Clean Water

ALBANY — Last August, a public meeting was held to discuss updates from the Green County Groundwater Quality Trend Data project. Attendees were asked about their ideas on how to improve the water quality in the county. 

An action plan was developed for the shared vision of  having clean and safe groundwater in Green County by working towards stabilizing nitrate levels that begin to decrease to natural levels. The first year of a five-year plan working toward achieving the vision is this year, 2024.

To get all nitrate levels in groundwater to safe drinking levels and stay there is complicated and requires more learning on everyone’s part. On March 14, all are invited to attend a public meeting that will be held at the Albany Lions Club to learn about the variety of ways nitrogen can be managed. 

The morning session, kicking off at 10 a.m., will focus on what farmers can do for nitrogen management in agriculture and the effects on water quality. 

Lunch will be served by the Albany Lions Club while participants will be able to network and learn from each other. 

The afternoon session will be informative for all landowners on different land management techniques that could be done to manage nitrogen on their landscape. 

The Green County Health Department will also be present to discuss testing wells for nitrates. Drinking water test kits will also be available for purchase to coordinate with county testing efforts. 

The event is a collaboration between Green County Land and Water Conservation Department, UW-Extension, UW-Stevens Point and Green County Health Department. Lunch is made possible by the support of Wisconsin Bank & Trust, Compeer Financial, The Bank of New Glarus, Woodford Bank, and Lake Ridge Bank. 

Registration is required and free at: or by calling the Land and Water Conservation Department at 605-325-4195 ext 121. 

For a more detailed agenda, check out the calendar on the Green County LWCD’s website,