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Polling Places: Nov. 5, 2012
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Green County Townships• Adams, town hall, N5705 Biggs Road, Argyle• Albany, town hall, N6065 County E, Albany• Brooklyn, town hall, 400 Main St., Brooklyn• Cadiz, town hall, W8445 County B, Browntown• Clarno, town hall, W6126 County B, Monroe• Decatur, town hall, 1408 14th St., Brodhead• Exeter, town hall, W2998 Wisconsin 92, Belleville• Jefferson, Juda Community Center, W 2895 County KS, Juda• Jordan, town hall, W8495 Wis. 81, Argyle• Monroe, town hall, N3302 Monroe Road, Monroe• Mt. Pleasant, American Legion hall, 316 E Coates Ave., Monticello• New Glarus, Swiss Miss Center, 1101 Wis. 69, New Glarus• Spring Grove, town hall, N2475 County GG, Brodhead• Sylvester, town hall, N4505 Wis. 59, Albany• Washington, town hall, W6113 County C, Monticello• York, town hall, N8105 Postville Road (County H at Postville), BlanchardvilleVillages• Albany, village hall, 206 N Water St., Albany• Belleville, village hall, 24 W. Main St., Belleville• Brooklyn, village hall, 102 N. Rutland, Brooklyn• Browntown, village hall, 110 S. Mill St., Browntown• Monticello, village hall, 140 N. Main St., Monticello• New Glarus, village hall, 319 2nd St., New GlarusCities• Brodhead, city hall, 1111 W 2nd Ave., Brodhead• Monroe, Community Center at city hall, 1110 18th Ave., MonroeLafayette County Townships• Argyle, Wards 1 and 2, EMS building, 106 N. Broad St., Argyle• Belmont, Wards 1 and 2, town hall, 123 W. Commerce St., Belmont;• Benton, Wards 1 and 2, town hall, 375 Railroad Ave., Benton;• Blanchard, town hall, 207 Pine, Blanchardville; • Darlington, Wards 1 and 2, Darlington town hall, 11150 Ames Road, Darlington;• Elk Grove, town hall, 12321 County X, Cuba City;• Fayette, town hall, 10972 County F, Darlington;• Gratiot, Gratiot firehouse, 5835 Sheldon St., Gratiot;• Kendall, town hall, 15548 County O, Darlington;• Lamont, Township, town garage, 14495 County Road D, Darlington• Monticello, Town hall, 16787 County W, Gratiot;• New Diggings, town hall, 26897 Aetna Road, Cuba City;• Seymour, town hall, 10975 County O, Shullsburg;• Shullsburg, town hall, West Estey, Shullsburg;• Wayne, South Wayne firehouse, 107 E. Center St., South Wayne;• White Oak Springs, town hall, 1990 County O, Shullsburg;• Willow Springs, Calamine town hall, 17614 Ridge St., Mineral Point;• Wiota, town hall, 100 Park St., Wiota.Villages• Argyle, Argyle Public Library, 401 E. Milwaukee St., Argyle HCA west side; • Blanchardville, Ward 1, village hall, 208 Mason St., Blanchardville;• Belmont, Community Building, 222 S. Mound Ave., Belmont• Gratiot, Community Building, 5840 Main St., Gratiot• Benton, village hall, 48 W. Main St., Benton;• Hazel Green, Ward 3, village hall, 1610 Fairplay, Hazel Green;• South Wayne, firehouse, 107 E. Center, South Wayne.Cities• Cuba City, Wards 6 and 7, fire rescue building, 1013 South Main St., Cuba City;• Darlington, Wards 1-6, Municipal Building, 627 Main St., Darlington;• Shullsburg, Wards 1-3, Shullsburg Townsend and Center, 190 N. Judgment St., Shullsburg.