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Police warn senior citizens to be wary of phone scams
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DARLINGTON - Senior citizens have been targeted by callers asking for money in recent weeks , according to Darlington police.

In two cases, the callers told the senior citizens that their grandchildren had been in car accidents and needed money, Police Chief Jason King said in a statement released Friday.

In the third case, the caller told the senior citizen she had won a lottery and could claim it by sending a cashier's check to cover fees and taxes associated with the winnings.

Scams are a daily occurrence in Darlington with residents primarily being targeted via e-mail and phone, King said.

Police want to remind residents there is very little, if anything, they can do once a scam has been enacted. Prevention is the best tool when combating this type of crime, King said.

He recommended some basic tips to follow if you suspect a scam:

• Never give out personal information unless you initiated the contact and know who you are talking with.

• Remember financial institutions and other companies you deal with will never call you and ask for personal information over the phone, so don't give it out.

• Before taking action, consult trusted friends, family members, financial advisors or the police if you're suspicious about an offer or request you have received.

• If you ever win something, you will not have to pay fees or taxes so don't respond to people who claim you do.