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Police warn of text message scam
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By Tere Dunlaptdunlap@ themonroetimes.comMONROE - Text and voice messages are two of the newest ways to pull off a scam, according to Monroe police.Police Chief Fred Kelley said the same old scams are now on new technology, but his advice on how to handle them remains the same: "Don't call the number back, and don't give out any personal information. "The Monroe Police Department received a complaint Wednesday about a fraudulent text message asking for bank information. "The complainant said they and eight of their friends received the same message at the same time," Kelley said.The text message read: "FR 502 FNBT Alert - Your card starting with (####)* has been placed on hold ..."The message came from an 800 number and gave the receiver instructions to call the receiver's bank.The police department received two more calls of the same nature after the initial complaint.