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Police cite interim fire chief
MONROE - Board of Police and Fire Commissioners President Charles Koch said Wednesday the group is unsure how a citation of disorderly conduct against interim Monroe Fire Chief Lane Heins will affect the hiring process currently underway to replace former chief Daryl Rausch.

"I'm sure it will probably have some impact," Koch said. "But we would need to discuss it as a group."

Koch said the group narrowed applicants down to the final two of Heins and outside applicant Dan Smits after a lengthy interview process Monday. He was unsure of how the citation given Heins would affect the interim chief's standing in the application process.

The full board is Koch, vice president Jean Ruda, Lois Kaster, Dan Bestul and Angela Rogerson. Koch said he was unaware of any current guidelines on how to address this type of situation. The board has not yet scheduled its next meeting.

Monroe Police Chief Fred Kelley announced Wednesday that officers issued the disorderly conduct citation to Heins, 40, Monroe, on Tuesday night after the conclusion of an investigation initiated by the Green County District Attorney's Office but sent to the Brodhead Police Department to avoid a potential conflict of interest within the city.

Kelley confirmed officers responded to a call around 8:15 p.m. Oct. 16 and that Heins was one of the people involved, along with his ex-wife. No arrests were made. According to Kelley's news release, the investigation found that Heins had allegedly created a disturbance after entering a duplex within the 3000 block of 16th Street to gain access to one of the residences.

"When we get these kinds of calls, especially when related to people who may have been married, we have to follow through according to state law," Kelley said. "Officers didn't see anything that met that criteria."

Regardless of the officer findings, the case was further evaluated and the charge was found to be necessary.

Heins responded to the police press release with an email to city officials and council members with an apology and note of his original intent to keep the story private before the citation was made public. In the message, Heins states that an argument escalated to loud volumes and a neighbor, Tony Anglin, contacted the police. Anglin is listed on the Monroe Fire Department website as a motor pump operator for the department.

Upon arrival of the officers, Heins said he became more agitated emotionally, though no threats were made or physical harm done.

"I am embarrassed and not proud of my actions on that date," Heins wrote. "I take full responsibilities of my action and deal with the outcomes. There is nothing I can do to change the past."

Heins added that he and his ex-wife agree that if the neighbor had "kept his nose out of our business" the "incident would have never escalated to this point." He told officials he intends to pay the fine for the citation to bring the matter to a close and indicated he corresponded with city administration and council as a way to eliminate rumors from spreading. Heins did not include members of the board in his correspondence aside from alderman Charles Koch.