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Pocan talks propane, Social Security at meet and greet
U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, left, responds to a question from Monroe Mayor Bill Ross during a meet-and-greet listening session inside the Behring Senior Center Friday, Jan. 24. (Times photo: Anthony Wahl)
MONROE - U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, held a meet and greet Friday, Jan. 24 at the Behring Senior Center and discussed topics like gerrymandering districts, propane restrictions, Social Security benefits and the disparity of wealth in America.

Although only one audience member showed up, Pocan said he wasn't discouraged, and that he feels it is necessary to show up for any number of constituents, be it one or 30.

Mayor William Ross joined Pocan and talked about why the infant formula factory has taken so long to get started. He said that all county and city mandates have been taken care of and the last hurdle is immigration, which should be cleared up by the time they can start breaking ground in either March or April.

The lone attendee of the meeting did not want to be named but is a retired school counselor. She asked what Pocan's experience has been like for his first year at the federal level.

Pocan said, "If state government works like a tortoise, then the federal system operates like an upside down tortoise."

He said it was an "interesting" year to join Congress during the government shutdown and sequestration. He likened it to an infamous 1947 Congress dubbed the "do-nothing Congress" by President Harry Truman that passed around 300 bills. Pocan said this year's Congress has passed a little more than 60 bills. Pocan blamed Tea Party members of Congress for the shutdown.

Pocan also made a visit to Head Start, Friday.