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Owners of missing cats can contact GCHS for help
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MONROE - More than two dozen Monroe pet owners are concerned that their missing cats may have been held in captivity by a Monroe cat hoarder.

The Green County Humane Society has received almost 15 separate inquiries from worried cat owners since Delores Marti of Monroe was discovered to be in possession of 50 live cats and nearly as many dead ones last week.

Marti was found to be keeping the cats in a house on 19th Street in squalid conditions. Dozens of dead kittens were found in a freezer in the house.

On Friday, the house was ordered to be destroyed because of its condition.

Laci Westgard, director of public affairs for the Green County Humane Society, said pet owners worried whether their missing cats have been found can email pictures and information about the pets to the humane society. When humane society employees find a cat that fits the description, they will send photos of the cat back to the possible owner for confirmation.

However, the humane society is not in possession of the 46 dead cats found at Marti's residence, so identifying those animals will likely be impossible, Westgard said.

While one of the 50 surviving cats had to be euthanized due to its poor health, the remaining cats are in improving condition.

"A couple of them are still not overly happy to see us," Westgard said, explaining that several cats are still scared and skittish after the ordeal.

Westgard said the humane society has not yet completed its health assessments of each of the cats, nor has it yet neutered and spayed all of the cats that require it. In order to avoid further distressing the cats, the humane society is currently holding surviving cats in isolation - no members of the public can interact with them, Westgard said.

The cats will likely be healthy enough to be adopted within a few weeks, she said.

Owners of missing cats can email their pets' information to Westgard at