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Owner of 12 seized horses released on $1,000 bond
DARLINGTON - A South Wayne man accused of not properly feeding and caring for his 12 horses was released on a $1,000 signature bond Monday, Feb. 24 in Lafayette County Circuit Court.

Sean C. Legault, 55, appeared in court for one count of failing to provide sufficient food for animals and failure to dispose of a known animal carcass on his land. If convicted, Legault could have to pay a combined fine of $600 for these alleged charges.

Legault was accused of animal neglect by a citizen who reported in mid-January that there was a lack of hay and other feeds available to the horses. Lafayette County Sheriff's deputies found the remains of a horse on the property and Legault was arrested for not disposing of the carcass. He was released from jail but remained monitored, and it was later found that the horses were still receiving inadequate feed service. All 12 horses were seized by the sheriff's office on Thursday, Feb. 20.

The sheriff's office has received many requests from citizens to donate money or hay for the horses. Sheriff Scott Pedley said the department appreciates the donations but the hay will not be used to feed the horses. They are on a strict diet and have to be weaned onto bigger rations because the animals were so famished. He said they will accept hay donations but it will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the care of the horses.

The horses remain on a private farm of a citizen who had enough vacant pens to hold them. Pedley said they are receiving hay and pellets for feed. Pedley said he visited the private farm Friday and that the horses were "really clearly starved, with bones showing."

According to a Green County Sheriff's department record of past complaints against Legault, there are at least 26 instances of complaints concerning animal problems since April of 2010 until May of 2013. Eleven of these complaints reference horses as the cause for the complaint.

Pedley said the Lafayette County Sheriff's office is preparing a report to give to the District Attorney's office to add additional charges of animal neglect to Legault's pending charges. Legault is set for an arraignment hearing on Monday, March 3.