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Not all 8th, 9th streets lines to be replaced
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MONROE - Not all of the water and sewer lines will be replaced as part of the $4.5 million reconstruction of 8th and 9th streets, according to Mayor Ron Marsh, but three aldermen confirmed Friday the project is needed to replace the lines. "A lot of the street infrastructure (water and sewer lines) is completely collapsing, otherwise the street work wouldn't be happening," said Mark Coplien, member of the Public Works Board.The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be paying for 80 percent of the road work, which includes widening, repaving and closing off the corner from 8th Street to 9th Street near Kwik Trip.Utilities will be covering the costs of the water and wastewater line replacements.Keith Ingwell, president of the Public Works Board, and board member Chuck Schuringa verified that the sanitary sewer lines are collapsing and need to be replaced.They said they were under the impression that all the water and sanitary sewer lines would be replaced, while the street was open.But Mayor Ron Marsh explained Friday that only some of the lines will be replaced.About 300 feet of water lines will be replace between 7th and 20th avenues, and all lead services and most of the water gates will be replaced, at a cost of about $125,000.The oldest water lines are 60 to 70 years old, Marsh said.In some areas, water and sewer lines will need to be moved to comply with laws requiring their location relative to each other. All of the sanitary sewer lines between 11th and 15th avenues will be replaced, but between 15th and 20th Avenue, only spot repairs will be made.