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No sales slump here
Times photo: Brian Gray Jaiden Walker, 8, shows off some of the boxes of cookies she sold for Girl Scouts. She sold more than 300 boxes. Her Troop 228 sold more than 2,000 boxes. The girls will use the money for a special activity. The money also helps fund community service projects. Order photo
MONROE - Jaiden Walker knows how to sell Girl Scout cookies.

"She just has to smile and people want to buy them from her," her mother and troop leader, Karri Walker said as she and Jaiden laughed.

Jaiden, 8, earned the honor of top seller in Girl Scout Troop 228 this year by selling 321 boxes of cookies. Her troop sold a total of 2,045 boxes, Karri Walker said.

"I don't let my dad ask people if they want to buy cookies," Jaiden smiled. "Everyone he asked said 'no' but everyone I asked said 'yes'."

Jaiden is proud of the fact she sold 100 more boxes this year than last year. Like the other 12 scouts in her troop, she sold to her family, friends and neighbors.

"We bought 19 boxes," Jaiden's father, Jamie, said. "They're good to have around the house and to take camping."

The closer the end date for sales became, the more Jaiden wanted to reach her personal goal of 300 boxes sold, Karri said.

"It became an adventure for her," Karri said. "She really wanted to sell 300 boxes this year.

With a little extra effort, she was able to reach the goal she set for herself.

"I like doing it," Jaiden said of selling cookies.

All of the girls in her troop went to Amcore Bank on Saturday to pick up their orders and begin the sometimes long process of distributing the boxes.

Karri said it's going to take about a week to deliver all of the boxes Jaiden sold, and Jaiden promised to help deliver all of them. She has to organize all of the cookie boxes by individual orders before she delivers them, she said. It will take her a couple of days to have each order ready.

She also promised to help eat the cookies her family ordered.

"We'll be eating cookies for a long time," her dad joked.