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No go, for now, on stop signs
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BRODHEAD - A plan to install "stop" signs on Wisconsin 11 east of Brodhead has been halted, at least temporarily.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) still plans to install flashing red lights and "stop" signs at the intersection of Wis. 11 and Wis. 104 and County T, just east of Brodhead. According to Brodhead Police Chief Tom Moczynski, the signs would be at street level and the lights would be mounted on an arm extending over the road.

Installation of the signs and lights was expected to begin this week, however, Graham Heitz, DOT traffic operation engineer said, work would be postponed due to the weather.

Heitz said the city asked for the lights and signs because there is a subdivision planned for the area. Houses have been built on Brodhead's east side within the past year.

A study by the DOT determined that about 5,800 cars passed through the intersection over a 12-hour period, he said. The department estimated about 7,800 cars pass through the intersection during a 24-hour period, Heitz said.

The DOT determined the signs and lights were needed, he said.

"It's a rural intersection with two highways and county road," Heitz said.

Some underground electrical work has been done and the bases for the signs have been installed. That's all that might be done for a while, he said.

Heitz said the lights and signs could be installed later this winter if the weather warms up enough for crews to paint markings on the road. It's possible the installation might not begin for a few months, he added.

"The worst-case scenario would be spring," he said.