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No cap on their generosity
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MONROE - Two Monroe women have picked up a hobby of loom knitting, and are looking for an outlet to gift their baby caps for the winter season.

Tena Edge and Deena Schmid have produced about 60 knit stocking caps since they started the hobby six weeks ago, and have no plans to stop.

The caps come in three sizes and a variety of colors, from white with pastel flecks to gray with red stripes.

What to do with the growing pile of little caps was an afterthought to starting the hobby.

Edge saw a home care worker knitting a scarf on a loom at the Raab Adult Family Home on 10th Street where she lives, and wanted to try it.

When Edge talked about her desire, Cindy Pohl, sister of Peggy Raab, owner and operator of the home, helped her get started. Pohl bought three sizes of looms in kits and taught her to make the caps.

Soon Schmid saw Edge producing the caps and got interested in it herself.

"It's neat - she was making baby hats," she said. She bought her own set of looms.

Edge said she had no plans for the caps when she started. But as the baby caps started piling up, Raab and Pohl suggested donating the hats to organizations that help new mothers.

The women each make about one cap a day in their spare time. They work in their rooms, while watching television, and even tote the craft along to knit during their breaks at Greenco Industries.

Edge didn't know how long it takes to make one cap.

"I don't pay any attention," she said.

Edge and Schmidt work with two strands of yarn at a time, sometimes matching and other times contrasting colors. Switching colors midway through produces a colorful stripe in the finished cap.

They were purchasing yarn for their caps, until Raab found a large cache at an estate sale.

"I hit the jackpot," Raab laughed. "Three great big totes and a big box, all brand new (skeins)."

Individuals and organizations that can use the caps are encouraged to contact Peggy Raab at 328-4619.