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New laws regarding stopped school busses
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DARLINGTON - With the new school year quickly approaching, the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office and Lamers Bus Line are reminding motorists of a change in school bus laws. The change under Wisconsin Statutes Chapter Trans 300 went into effective Tuesday and applies to school buses built after Jan. 1, 2005 that are equipped with both amber and red warning lights.

What to do when approaching a school bus displaying flashing lights:

• When amber warning lights are activated, it is a caution that the bus is coming to a stop and will soon be activating its red warning lights. Traffic is allowed to pass the bus with care.

• When red warning lights are activated, drivers are required to stop a minimum of 20 feet from the bus and remain stopped until the bus resumes motion, or the driver extinguishes the flashing red warning lights.

Failure to do so may result in a fine at least $326.50 and four points assessed to the driver's license.

Also, a vehicle that approaches a stopped school bus with flashing red warning lights activated must stop regardless if the stop arm is out or not, under state law.