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'New Glarus' explores area's farming, cheesemaking roots
This photograph, featured on the front cover of Kim Tschudy's new book, shows a large straw pile that could be considered a badge of pride for this group of farmers. They came from several neighborhood farms to share the work that took a couple of days as they threshed oats from several fields just south of New Glarus. (Photo supplied)
NEW GLARUS - A trip to New Glarus can mean a return visit to grasp a better understanding of the richness of the area's deep history, expansive culture and connections to the world. Historian and author Kim Tschudy offers just that to his readers, a second look at his family's hometown in "New Glarus," part of Arcadia Publishing's "Images in America" series. He starts at the community's beginnings, again, to fill in some of the gaps of his first book, "The Swiss of New Glarus," and extends its far past into its near past.