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New cheese store comes to Square
Bob Huber, Tyler Schwartz, and Logan Huber plan to open The Swiss Market on the Square on Feb 15. The three are 2010 graduates of Monroe High School. To order this photo, click here. (Times photo: Marissa Weiher)
MONROE - An empty lot on Monroe's Square will soon be open for business as a purveyor of locally-sourced cheese and dairy products. The Swiss Market, as the new shop is called, is slated to open Feb. 15 at 1005 16th Ave. Tyler Schwartz, one of the Swiss Market's three founders, said the shop idea had only been proposed a few months ago, but he had always been eager to start a business of his own. Schwartz's partners, two cousins named Bob and Logan Huber, worked with Schwartz to pool the money for the Square storefront.