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National Historic Cheesemaking Center: 1920 Model T milk truck
Photo supplied by the National Historic Cheesemaking Center
Ninety-four years ago this 1920 Model T milk truck rolled out of the Ford plant replacing horse and wagon to transport milk from the farm to the cheese factory. Currently owned by Bob and Nancy Faith, it differed from most by having both a regular transmission and an auxiliary transmission. Having appeared in the 1988 Cheese Days parade, the truck will again be seen by parade attendees this year carrying the giant "Tin Man" adorned with top hat, bow tie and all. The "Tin Man," which appeared in the 1917 parade, was fabricated from a stove pipe by Bud and Fritz Lanz of Lanz Sheet Metal and Heating, which was located at 1129 17th Avenue, Monroe. Questions or comments may be directed to Mary Ann Hanna at 608-325-4324 or