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Mt. Pleasant votes to return Constitution back to 'We the People'
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MT. PLEASANT - The Town of Mt. Pleasant in Green County became the seventh community in the county to pass a resolution declaring that money is not speech and corporations are not people.

After several presentations by United To Amend at monthly meetings, the board unanimously passed a resolution at the May 16 town meeting asking the U.S. Congress, state legislature, governor and president to support an amendment that would reverse the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United vs. The Federal Election Commission. The decision granted artificial entities such as corporations and unions the same constitutional rights as natural persons and equated free speech to money.

The action in Mt. Pleasant came just five weeks after 11 Wisconsin communities overwhelmingly passed similar resolutions by huge margins. By passing a "We the People" style resolution, the Town of Mt. Pleasant joined the Green County communities of Exeter, Belleville, York, Clarno, Brodhead and Monroe for a total of 75 Wisconsin municipalities. Nationwide 16 states and almost 700 communities have done the same.

Local United to Amend volunteers in the Green County area ( and allies at Wisconsin United to Amend ( are available to do presentations to organization or groups of citizens. The presentations include slides and discussion on the movement and how Citizens United affects democracy.

For more information, visit the Green County United to Amend website, call 608-620-1799 or email The co-chairs are Harry Pulliam and Jeanette Kelty. The Mt. Pleasant advisor, Tim Sager, can be reached at 608-335-4051.