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Monticello Area Historical Society: Main Street, circa 1910
Photo supplied by the Monticello Area Historical Society
This photo shows the east side of Monticello's Main Street, circa 1910. From right, the businesses are: Jake Rupp, saloon, J.C. Steinman's Cash Clothing store and The Peoples Supply dry goods store. Also visible near the end of the block is Monticello's post office and at the far end, Carroll and Bontly grocery store and part of the Grand Central Hotel. The Peoples Supply dry goods store in the center is today's Monticello Historical Museum. It originally was E.J. Blum's dry goods store, until 1906 when it incorporated with J.C Steinmann's clothing store and the Dick & Staedtler store across the street and became the Peoples Supply Corp. The new firm's partners were E. J. Blum, Fred Blum Jr., J. C. Steinman, Geo. C. Steinman and John Dick Jr.