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Monroe Police: Dogs not allowed in city parks
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MONROE - The Monroe Police Department is reminding residents that Monroe city code prohibits dogs from being brought into all city parks at all times, with the exception of Forest Prairie Park, which is located near the airport.

The city annually receives numerous complaints about persons being irresponsible about handling their pets in public. The city does have several ordinances about responsible pet handling, according to a police department news release.

The rest of the parks have the prohibition. There are signs at the entrances to the parks, or in prominent locations. The ordinance was caused by persons not cleaning up after their pets.

Monroe city code also requires all persons to clean up after their pets immediately when in public, or if on the property of another person without their permission.

When dogs are off their homeowner's property, dogs must be on a leash or be immediately under pet owner's control. Otherwise, the dog is at large. If the dog is tied on property, the dog should not be able to reach the public sidewalk.

Citations start at about $180.