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Monroe mayor to be picked in April
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MONROE - Area cities and county governments are poised for a number of absences during the spring election, with incumbents leaving and no one showing interest in taking their place.

However, the city of Monroe does not have that problem as three candidates plan to face off for the position of mayor. Because of the number, the Monroe Common Council was posed with the question of whether or not to have the candidates face a primary in February before the April 5 election. While council members voiced split opinions on the subject, the motion to have a primary failed on a 5-4 vote during their meeting Tuesday night.

The deadline to file completed nomination papers was Tuesday.

Green County

City of Monroe: Mayor Bill Ross will once again be vying as the incumbent while alderman Louis Armstrong and local resident Marc Kennedy are looking to replace him. This year, the two-year terms on wards 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 are up for re-election. Incumbents Tom Miller, Michael Boyce, Charles Koch and Louis Armstrong are running unopposed. Ward 9 is contested with incumbent Richard Thoman facing off against candidate Chris Dearth.

City of Brodhead: Mayor Doug Pinnow is running as an unopposed candidate. However, in the municipal judge race, incumbent Roger Searls will have David Wickstrum as a challenger for the four-year position. There are also three at-large aldermen positions open. Two of the incumbents, Ann Anderson and Troy Nyman, are running unopposed. The third seat is currently held by Richard Hale, who missed the deadline to file candidacy papers but also did not notify the city he would not be running for the position.

County Board of Supervisors: Each of the 31 supervisor positions for the Green County board are open for two-year terms beginning April 19 after the election. District No. 7 incumbent Dennis Dalton is not seeking re-election. Steve Borowski is looking to take the spot unopposed. District No. 24 incumbent Gordon Klossner will have Erica Roth as a challenger. District No. 11 incumbent Patrick Davis is not seeking re-election. No one has filed papers to replace him, leaving the position vacant on the ballot.

Lafayette County

City of Darling-ton: Incumbent mayor David Breunig will face challenger Larry Burns in the April election. There are three alderman positions open. Incumbents Cindy Corley of wards 1 and 2, Steve Picket of wards 3 and 4 and John Sonsalla of wards 5 and 6 are all running unopposed.

County Board of Supervisors: All 16 supervisors for Lafayette County are open for new terms with an incumbent running for 13 seats. In District No. 8, incumbent Paul Garthwaite will not be seeking re-election. Instead, Kristine Marion is running for the seat unopposed. District No. 6 incumbent Connie Hull will not run for the supervisor position, and incumbent David Halloran will not be seeking to continue his incumbency as supervisor for District No. 16. Neither district position has been sought by a replacement.