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Monroe Judiciary and Ordinance Review Committee: Feb. 18, 2009
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MONROE - During a meeting Wednesday, the City of Monroe Judiciary and Ordinance Review Committee:

• Reviewed and recommended to council, an ordinance creating Chapter 5 of Title 7 of the Monroe City Code: Outdoor Burning, Open Burning and Burning of Refuse. The new ordinance covers (processed) materials that may not be burned except with permit; prohibition of open burning of leaves, brush, clean wood and other vegetation except as expressly listed; provisions for newly installed outdoor wood-burning furnaces, including location restrictions; among other things. Currently installed outdoor furnaces will be grandfathered in, but can be regulated under the city's current nuisance codes, according to Fire Chief Daryl Rausch and City Attorney Rex Ewald.

• Reviewed and recommended to council an ordinance repealing and recreating sections of Title 4 of the Monroe City Code: Building Regulations. The ordinance mainly amends the city code to allow fees to be set by resolution of the council.

• Discussed regulating or controlling the use of the city's logo, possibly with the use of a copyright. The committee will revisit the issue after more investigation of copyright application and laws.