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Monroe Common Council: May 19, 2009
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MONROE - During a meeting Tuesday, the City of Monroe Common Council:

• Passed unanimously an ordinance adding definition in Section 3-4-2 and Creating Section 3-4-8 of the Monroe City Code: Prohibiting Nude Exhibitionism Associated with Premises Licensed to Serve Alcohol Beverages.

• Passed unanimously Special Ordinance No. 140 rezoning property to Planned Unit Development District and adopting general development plan and specific implementation plan for Northeast Park Planned Unit Development.

• Passed unanimously a resolution authorizing application for a State Trust Fund Loan in the Amount of $4.2 million for purposes of financing community development projects located in Tax Incremental District No. 7.

• Passed unanimously a resolution authorizing the issuance of a Certificate of Indebtedness to the State of Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands and making certain covenants relating to the Build America Bond Program in conjunction with application for State Trust Fund Loan.

• Approved claims in the amount of $330,280.52.

• Passed unanimously a resolution authorizing installation of yield signs at North 12th Avenue and 2nd Street North.

• Passed unanimously a resolution authorizing removal of remaining parking meters in the downtown area.

• Passed unanimously a resolution authorizing a return of parking permit fees.

• Granted secondhand article dealership licenses to Wildflower Collectibles, Etc. (Eleanor Morstad) and CPP Computers LLC (Hans Wampfler), and secondhand article dealer mall/flea market license to Monroe Antiques Mall (Larry Cerutti).

• Granted Temporary Class B Fermented Malt Beverage License to Monroe Theatre Guild.

• Approved Mayor Ron Marsh appointment of Dan Demuth as Zoning Board of Appeals 1st Alternate for a three-year term.

- Tere Dunlap