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Monroe Common Council makes appointments to commissions, committees, boards
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MONROE - The Monroe Common Council approved committee assignments for 2015-16 recently. Members of the Monroe Common Council are: Tom Miller, Brooke Bauman, Michael Boyce, Jeff Newcomer, Charles Koch, Chris Beer, Louis Armstrong, Reid Stangel and Richard Thoman. The council appointed, confirmed and elected members or citizens to the following positions: Standing Committees (Mayor appoints members and designates chairman) • Board of Public Works: Miller, Newcomer, Koch, Stangel, Thoman, alternate Boyce • Finance and Taxation Committee: Chairman Stangel, Bauman, Koch, Armstrong, alternate Beer • Judiciary and Ordinance Review Committee: Chairman Armstrong, Newcomer, Koch, Beer, alternate Thoman • License Committee: Chairman Thoman, Boyce, Beer, alternate Miller • Public Safety Committee: Chairman Beer, Miller, Bauman, alternate Boyce • Salary and Personnel Committee: Chairman Bauman, Newcomer, Beer, Armstrong, Stangel, alternate Thoman Special Boards, Committees and Commissions (Appointed by mayor and confirmed by council) • Airport Board of Management: Chairman Miller, Armstrong, Clarence Peters (3-year term) • Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners: Newcomer, Sheri Schaefer (2-year term), Kelli Brunton (3-year term), Monica Schneider (3-year term), one position to be appointed later • Board of Police and Fire Commissioners: Angela Rogerson (5-year term) • Board of Review: Koch, Stangel, Thoman • Ethics Board: Gary Becker (3-year term) • Historic Preservation Commission: Thoman, Russ Brown (3-year term), Aaron Holverson (3-year term) • Information Technology Committee: Chairman Newcomer, Armstrong, Daryl Rausch (1-year term), Martin Shanks (1-year term), Al Gerber (1-year term) • Monroe Municipal Park Fund Committee: Chairman Boyce, Beer • Plan Commission: Koch, Ron Spielman (3-year term), Nate Klassy (3-year term), Bill Bethke (2-year term) • Revolving Loan Fund Committee: Stangel • Senior Citizen's Board: Koch, Ray Jones (3-year term), one position to be appointed later • Visitors and Promotion Board: Miller, Richard Thoman (1-year term), Randy Haglund (1-year term), Bill Ross (1-year term), Chris Sachs (1-year term) • Zoning Board of Appeals: Dennis Dalton, full member (3-year term); Bud Pilz, full member (3-year term); Dan DeMuth, first alternate (3-year term) Other Community Boards, Committees and Commissions • Chamber of Commerce: Armstrong • Green County Historical Society: Bauman • Main Street Board: Miller • Greenwood Cemetery Board: Thoman • Redevelopment Authority Board of Commissioners: Ron Spielman (5-year term), Nate Klassy (5-year term) • Weed Commissioner: Tom Boll (1-year term) For a complete listing of boards, committees and commissions, visit