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Monroe Common Council: Dec. 4, 2012
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MONROE - In a meeting Monday, the Board of Public Works:• Approved payment for bills from E&N Hughes Co. for $11,100 and $37,000 for work on sewer pump at Lakeside station; $12,600 for street work at Lakeside Heights; from Iverson Construction for $24,900 for work on water, sewer and storm water at Lakeside Heights; from Town and County Engineering for $1,900 for inspection at Lake side Heights; from Fehr-Graham and Associates for $1,300 for work with leaking storage tank at 718 8th St. and $276 for administration work on 8-9th Street water and sewer CDBG; and from Veolia Environmental Services for $2,400 for Oct. recycling. • Reviewed bids and recommended to the council to award Precision Drive Control a contract in the amount of $82,300 for the city hall generator wiring and installation project. • Recommended to the council to rescind approval for a previous change order for Lakeside Heights project contracts and to approve a change order to Iverson Construction contract for Lakeside Heights project.