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Monroe City Council: Feb. 26, 2014
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MONROE - In a meeting Tuesday, Feb. 18, the City of Monroe Common Council:

• Set a public hearing for March 4 regarding an ordinance repealing and recreating the composition of the Ethics Board. The proposed ordinance revision states that members of the Ethics Board not be city employees, elected officials, full-time appointed officials or a member currently serving on any other city board, commission or committee.

• Approved a resolution on a 5-1 vote authorizing the borrowing of $553,000 for the purchase of new fire engines. The city will purchase two smaller, lightweight response pumpers that will replace the city's oldest fire engine pumpers.

• Approved hiring Engineering Technician Paul J. Morris. Morris will be filling the position previously held by Ed Reynolds, who died in December 2012. Morris will be hired at the probationary rate of $21.69 per hour, according to the 2013 labor agreement. Morris will work under the city's Engineering Supervisor Al Gerber.

• Approved easement and agreement restating easement because of the sale of Chalet Wasserhaus property to J-3 Investments. The property, which was purchased from the city Dec. 30 for $319,000, used to be the administration building for the water department. The property will now be used by the Precision Drive and Control. PDC will use the space for offices, vehicle storage and parking. Since the property was owned by the water department, the money received from the sale will go directly to the Water Utility fund.

• Set a public hearing for April 2 regarding a resolution to discontinue public ways at four locations around the Chalet Wasserhaus property. These locations were included in the original platting of the city and need to be changed following the sale of the property to J-3 Investments. City Attorney Rex Ewald explained that there are some old, unused right-of-ways that are still platted at this property, and that whenever the city wants to discontinue a public right-of-way that's platted, the city needs to hold a public hearing.

• Approved a certified survey map for land division around the Chalet Wasserhaus property at 1065 5th Avenue. This was done so that the water department will retain access to a well located on the property following the sale of the Chalet Wasserhaus property to J-3 Investments.

- Noah Vernau