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Monroe City Council and committees: May 18, 2009
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MONROE - During a meeting Monday, the City of Monroe Board of Public Works heard from Fehr-Graham and Associates on the costs of the downtown streetscape project.

During a meeting Monday, the City of Monroe Public Safety Committee:

• Approved action on a request for yield signs at North 12th Avenue and 2nd Street North.

• Approved the Farmer's Market changing locations around the Square to accommodate street construction, and approved its eight-square-foot storage shed being placed in parking spaces on the inside ring of the Square for the summer.

• Recommended the Police Department take action to place pedestrian crossing signs at 8th and 9th streets on 25th Avenue.

• Directed Police Chief Fred Kelley to return to the board with recommendations on how to handle expenses incurred by the Police and Street departments during special events.

During a special meeting Monday, the City of Monroe Common Council:

• Recommended to the Finance and Taxation Committee to approve an estimated minimum of $40,000 in funding for a Transportation Utility program creation feasibility study, outreach and implementation.

• Went into closed session with Rex Ewald, city attorney, for a performance evaluation and to discuss compensation.

- Tere Dunlap