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Monroe, Brodhead top tax list
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Mill rate for 2008 taxes payable in 2008-09

School District Mill Rate

Town of Adams

Argyle 0.019107310

Monroe 0.020178261

Monticello 0.019066136

New Glarus 0.018383062

Pecatonica 0.020075061

Town of Albany

Albany 0.017754355

Monticello 0.019411603

Town of Brooklyn

Albany 0.016527673

Belleville 0.015839529

Evansville 0.017459514

Monticello 0.017680469

Oregon 0.018212623

Town of Cadiz

Monroe 0.026126398

So. Wayne 0.026888685

Town of Clarno

Monroe 0.019858021

Town of Decatur

Albany 0.017774316

Brodhead 0.017328279

Juda 0.020415629

Town of Exeter

Belleville 0.018683009

Monticello 0.021325649

New Glarus 0.020553807

Town of Jefferson

Juda 0.018397290

Monroe 0.018575120

Town of Jordan

Argyle 0.020426950

Monroe 0.021539144

So. Wayne 0.022170939

Town of Monroe

Monroe 0.016832311

Monticello 0.015800614

Town of Mount Pleasant

Albany 0.017499708

Monroe 0.020242313

Monticello 0.019115179

School District Mill Rate

Town of New Glarus

Monticello 0.022958744

New Glarus 0.022248770

Town of Spring Grove

Brodhead 0.016550300

Juda 0.019273343

Town of Sylvester

Albany 0.015704625

Brodhead 0.015288436

Juda 0.018168689

Monroe 0.018353712

Town of Washington

Monroe 0.023384153

Monticello 0.021665163

New Glarus 0.020920369

Town of York

Argyle 0.018366525

New Glarus 0.017660815

Pecatonica 0.019309380

Village of Albany

Albany 0.020269647

Village of Belleville

Belleville 0.021955071

Village of Brooklyn

Oregon 0.023102274

Village of Browntown

Monroe 0.021328473

Village of Monticello

Monticello 0.019871656

Village of New Glarus

New Glarus 0.023093063

City of Brodhead

Brodhead 0.028755847

City of Monroe

Monroe 0.027849639

Source: Green County Treasurer's Office

MONROE - Brodhead and Monroe city residents pay the highest tax rates in the county, according to year-end information compiled by the Green County Treasurer's office.

Brodhead's 2008 mill rate is 0.028755847, meaning residents there pay $28.76 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation on their home or property. For example, the owner of a home assessed at $100,000 would pay $2,876 in property taxes.

Taxes are almost as high in the City of Monroe: The tax rate there is $27.85 per thousand. The owner of a $100,000 home in Monroe will pay $2,785.

New Glarus comes in third highest in the county and highest among villages with a tax rate of $23.09. The owner of a $100,000 in the village will pay $2, 309.

Other villages in Green County and their tax rates, rounded to the nearest hundredth, are: Monticello, $19.87; Browntown, $21.33 (Monroe school district); Brooklyn, $23.10 (Oregon school district); Belleville, $21.96; and Albany, $20.27.

Tax rates for those living in townships generally are less than those for villages and cities because typically fewer municipal services such as streets, sewers and trash collection, are provided. But that's not always the case, and rates can vary within a township depending on which school district is levying taxes for the property.

For example, residents of Cadiz township who live within the Monroe school district have a tax rate of $26.13, while those in the Black Hawk school district will pay $26.89. Those in Monroe township are at the low end of the spectrum, with a tax rate of $16.83 for those in the Monroe school district and $15.80 for those in the Monticello school district.