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Mayor race is down to two
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MONROE - One of the three candidates for mayor is no longer interested in running for the position.

Marc Kennedy, a two-year resident of Monroe who works as a trades manager for Smithfield Foods, told City Clerk Carol Stamm earlier this month that he no longer wants to run for mayor of Monroe.

Kennedy has taken on more responsibility in his work, which requires him to travel more. As a result, he said, it would not be responsible to take a position with frequent meetings.

"Because of the change in scope of what I do for work, I've increased travel," Kennedy said. "To commit to each council meeting wouldn't be fair to the town."

Despite his verbal decline, Stamm said Kennedy cannot be taken off the spring ballot due to Wisconsin Statute 8.35, which requires that anyone who files papers and qualifies must appear on the ballot. The only exception is the death of a candidate.

Because Kennedy has already achieved ballot status, his name will still appear before voters on April 5, alongside incumbent Bill Ross and fellow candidate Louis Armstrong. If Monroe residents wanted to, they could still elect Kennedy as their newest mayor. If he were to be elected, he can decline the position.

As a resident and voter, Kennedy endorsed Armstrong for mayor.

"I would certainly put all my support behind Louis Armstrong," Kennedy said. "I really think the city could use some fresh ideas."