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Market on the Square starts a week early
Times photo: Tere Dunlap Phyllis Perrin, Albany, is surrounded by her preserves Wednesday at the season opening of the Monroe Farmers Market. She offers buyers a taste of a dozen different products she makes. Perrin sells her natural items some made from Wisconsin wild fruit under the sign of Carolines Old Tyme Products.
By Tere Dunlaptdunlap@themonroetimes.comMONROE - The Monroe farmers narket opened a week earlier than usual, but without a bang Wednesday.Despite the threat of rain, Phyllis Perrin of Albany, with her jams, salsas and fruit butters, sat on the south corner; right where she was located last year.Perrin and her husband Richard turned a profit last year for the first time, and she was delighted.Fresh produce was in short supply at the market, as Bill Didire of Didire Green County Honey Farm in Monroe pointed out. "I wish the people who picked the dates (for the market) would plant a garden," he said.Cannas sets and tomato plants were available for those planning a garden. Fresh foods for family tables were limited to items such as rhubarb and chives.After 60 years of cooking experience - much of it learned from Grandma Caroline - Perrin is experimenting with low-sugar and sugarless products - including sugar-free elderberry jam.