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Man charged with taking drugs to jail
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MONROE - A Dubuque man serving a year in jail for child molestation was charged Thursday with attempting to smuggle drugs into jail.

Dustin Michael Dean, 26, was charged with a Class I felony count of delivering illegal contraband to an inmate and a Class E felony count of transporting illegal narcotics.

Dean gave a fellow inmate two illegally smuggled pills Sept. 29, the same day Dean was sentenced and admitted to Green County Jail. The inmate pretended to swallow the pills but instead saved them and notified staff.

In his statement, the inmate said "I promised myself I was done with drugs ... and for once in my life I mean it."

The inmate also reported Dean crushed and snorted at least seven pills before offering two to him.

The pills were found to be Levorphenol, a Schedule II opioid narcotic. According to court records, Dean hid approximately 30 of them and some chewing tobacco in a baggie in his sock.

Police records indicate this was not Dean's first attempt to smuggle drugs into jail. In August 2013, Dean attempted to smuggle OxyContin into jail by hiding it in his rectum. No charges were filed after that incident.

Dean was sentenced to one year in jail on a burglary conviction and an unrelated fourth-degree sexual assault charge stemming from repeated sexual abuse of a preteen girl.

Dean was also sentenced to two years of probation with conditions that he not possess or consume any controlled substance unless prescribed by a physician.

During his sentencing, Judge James Beer noted Dean's apparent inability to control his various addictions to pills, heroin and cocaine.

In his own statement before the court, about eight hours before the Levorphenol was discovered, Dean claimed he took full responsibility for his actions, was in counseling and was attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Dean will next appear in court on Nov. 19 for a preliminary hearing. An $800 cash bond and an $1,800 signature bond was set Monday with conditions that Dean not consume or possess any controlled substances.