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Lafayette County makes plans for new fairground
Because the buildings are dilapidated at the Lafayette County fairground in Darlington, proposals for a new fairground site south of the city will be discussed during the fair in July. (Times photo: Michael Brestovansky)
DARLINGTON - Contractors will present plans for a new Lafayette County fairground in Darlington by the time of this summer's Lafayette County Fair.

Jack Wiegel, chairman of the Lafayette County Fair Committee, said proposals for a new fairground are "in the preliminary stages" of development.

The current Lafayette County fairground is located in the floodplain, Wiegel said, and cannot be expanded. In addition, the present buildings are aging and dilapidated.

Wiegel said the Fair Committee currently has an agreement with a local farmer to purchase a property south of Darlington, should fundraising efforts be successful - although he stressed that fundraising plans are one of the many factors of the project that have yet to be finalized.

However, Wiegel did say that one aspect of fundraising was certain: "This is not a county project," he said. "We will be going through a private, non-profit group."

Wiegel said the committee is speaking with contractors about preliminary plans for the possible new fairground. The plans will be presented around the time of this year's Lafayette County Fair, which is July 12-16, Wiegel said.