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Lafayette County Election Results
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Lafayette County results from Tuesday's election

*Denotes incumbent

Village of South Wayne President

One seat open

* Melodie Hawkins: 48

Write-ins: 2

Village of South Wayne Trustee

Two seats open

Dale Carolan: 44

* Allen Melland: 42

Scattering: 4

City of Darlington Alderperson District 1

One seat open

Dave Gough: 130

Write-in: 3

City of Darlington Alderperson District 2

One seat open

Mark Nelson: 63

Don Osterday: 145

Write-in: 1

City of Darlington Alderperson District 3

Write-in: 12

School District of Pecatonica

Two seats open

* Roy Ruegsegger: 376

Jill Gaskell: 386

Scattering: 4

School District of Argyle

The top three vote getters earn a 3-year seat. The fourth high vote getter will finish a term that was vacated earlier

* Lee Montgomery: 291 votes

* Loren Bruehlman: 276 votes

* Stanton Bigelow: 262 votes

* Keith Ritschard: 256 votes

Peter G. Herman: 206 votes

Write-in: 1

Village of Argyle

Three seats open

* Dave Soper: 136

* Brenda Bredeson: 128

Tim Olmstead: 114

School District of Darlington

Three seats open

Donna Jean Wiegel: 165

* Aaron Wolfe: 410

Matt Crist: 255

* Joe Riechers: 372

Bob Hermanson: 323

Write-ins: 4

Town of Blanchard

Town Board Chairperson

One seat open

* Jed Gant: 57

Town of Blanchard Board Supervisor 1

One seat open

* Steven Stangeland: 52

Town of Blanchard Board Supervisor 2

One seat open

* Russell Moen: 51

Town of Blanchard Town Clerk:

One seat open

* Lisa Sikora: 57

Town of Blanchard Treasurer

One seat open

*Emily Webster: 56