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Jail sees increase in working inmates
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MONROE - The Green County Jail saw an increase in May in the number of inmates going out to work each day.

Twenty-one inmates were eligible for Huber Law work release in May, out of a daily average population of 44, according to Sheriff Jeff Skatrud.

Of those, a daily average of nine inmates went out to work. From January through April, the number of inmates going out each day for work averaged less than four.

More inmates out working is a boon to the jail - and to the inmates.

Work release "not only allows the inmate to pay for their own meals, medical care, etc., but if they are working, offers a greater chance for success when they leave here," Skatrud said via email Wednesday, June 12.

Manpower, the staffing agency that offers its services to inmates, has been "excellent to work with and has presented inmates with more opportunities for employment," Skatrud said. Inmates have found both temporary and permanent jobs through Manpower.

"The more recent success may be a reflection that more jobs are becoming available in Green County," Skatrud said. "I hope so."

As of Wednesday morning, jail population had crept up to 49. An average of four were out on electronic monitoring in May.

-Katjusa Cisar