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Greenwoods State Bank doubles scholarship amounts

MONROE — Starting in Spring 2024, the Greenwoods State Bank Scholarships will be doubled from $500 to $1,000. This increase will affect all branch communities: Lake Mills, Burlington, Lake Geneva, Monroe, Albany, Monticello, and Evansville.  

“We hope that this increase in scholarship funding will alleviate some of the financial burden for students pursuing higher education,” said Rob Cera, President of Greenwoods State Bank. “At Greenwoods State Bank, we believe that investing in the education and future of our youth is a valuable investment in the future of our communities. We hope that this increase in scholarship funding will encourage more students to pursue higher education and help them achieve their academic and career goals.”

Supporting these communities and the youth of the communities is a priority for Greenwoods. Greenwoods also believes this will help the communities grow and thrive for many years to come.

Greenwoods understands that attending college or university can be expensive, and they want to assist in making it more attainable for those who may face financial obstacles.

“We are proud to support our local communities and look forward to seeing the positive impact that these scholarships will have on the lives of the students who receive them,” said Toni Voegeli, Assistant Vice-President of Greenwoods State Bank’s Monroe location. “We encourage all eligible students to apply for the Greenwoods State Bank Scholarship (please reach out to your school’s guidance counselors to apply) and wish them the best of luck in their educational journey.”

Greenwoods State Bank is headquartered in Lake Mills, founded in 1893 and is a state-chartered bank. Greenwoods has locations in Lake Mills, Waukesha, Burlington, Lake Geneva, Evansville, Monroe, Albany, and Monticello.