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Green County Board of Supervisors
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MONROE - The Green County Board of Supervisors in its monthly meeting Wednesday, Aug. 15:

- Approved a $117,030 contract with Twin Cities Striping, Delano, Minn., for highway centerline and edgeline painting.

- Approved a $1.50 increase in the daily cost for a jail inmate to participate in the Huber Law work-release program. The cost was $15; it's now $16.50.

- Approved an annual update to the Green County Emergency Response Plan.

- Approved an amended Public Peace and Order ordinance that has recently added sections defining harassment by text, email or other electronic means. The board already approved the updated code at its June meeting. This month's approval was for a clarification in code numbering chronology. Chief Deputy Dick Wyttenbach explained the ordinance otherwise had the "same verbiage."

- Heard a presentation from Pleasant View Nursing Home director Terry Hensel about Friends of Pleasant View, the new charitable arm of the county facility. The foundation has a mission to raise money for the nursing home by collecting tax-deductible donations, with the intent of helping provide Pleasant View service to those who can't otherwise afford it.