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Golf club fined for violating state water, wetlands laws
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LANCASTER - Platteville Golf and Country Club was fined $12,000 this week in Grant County Circuit Court for violations of Wisconsin's water and wetland protection laws.The club illegally filled in a stream tributary to the Little Platte River and graded more than 10,000 square feet of the stream's bed and banks and illegally filled adjacent wetlands, according to the state complaint.A judgment against the club was ordered Monday, June 4, and announced Friday by the Department of Justice.Lorraine Stoltzfus, assistant attorney general, prosecuted the case and Platteville lawyer Mac A. McKichan, Jr., defended the club.The DOJ reports the Platteville Golf and Country Club, located on the north side of the city, has since removed the fill and restored the site.The club is now ordered to monitor and maintain the site, in addition to monthly payments of $200 through July 2017 to cover $12,000 in forfeitures, statutory surcharges and attorney's fees.Wisconsin law prohibits anyone from grading and filling a stream or discharging pollutants into wetlands without a permit from the Department of Natural Resources.